IslandWalk of Naples

2011 Communities of Excellence Trendsetter for Computer System


Volunteers at IslandWalk of Naples have undertaken multiple computer projects since the turnover of the community from the developer. The volunteers in conjunction with the property management staff developed programs and methods to monitor, track, utilize, and analyze the large volumes of relevant information the community produces.The following are some of the community's projects.

Gate Computer System

In 2005, IslandWalk purchased a database system customized to their needs to contain all basic residence information to replace a manual paper/rolodex system inherited at turnover. In order to decide which system fit their needs, a team of volunteers along with board members and the property manager visited many communities to study practices for gate operations, which ultimately helped them select the ISN (GateKeeper) system. Modifications and enhancements to that system have allowed IslandWalk to manage the high volume (75,000 to 100,000 resident and guest transactions per month) of entries. The computer system includes: voice messaging for residents to call in guests expected that day (averages 150 to 200 calls per day); bar code control and monitoring; guest list look-up; added data reporting software to enable detailed tracking of bar code reads and usage rates, guest entry detail, and voice messaging volume. It also provides a resident directory list by street and alphabetically for the entire community and prints guest passes with directions to the residence (required under a 2.0 second print due to volume of entries).

Town Manager Offices

A server was installed a few years ago to move office staff files to a central networked location. Data can easily be backed up instantaneously to a secure off-site server at a minimal cost. The information contained in the database manager-gatekeeper system is located on this server and is the foundation for other database applications. Due to paper file storage space constraints and the rapid growth in volume of records retained for 1,856 homes, IslandWalk has embarked on a path to move as much of their office as possible to "paperless record retention." They have custom designed a document storage database on the server accessible by the entire staff. The document manager database was designed to house individual resident unit records and provides access to an actual image of documents that can be searched by: date or date range, address, lot number, document type, and document category. It will also provide access to an electronic image of vendor contracts; insurance contracts; historical reports, if retention is needed; or virtually anything the association needs to retain without keeping the paper.

Architectural Control Committee Database

The Architectural Control Committee Database (ACC) was designed to manage the ACC application process. Applications are registered in the database as they are received in the town manager's office. When the ACC application status has been determined by the committee, the document(s) and photos are scanned in color (if applicable) into the document manager database. The ACC database gives the ability to the staff and ACC committee to: manage documents and minimize handling of the information multiple times minimizing the potential for human error, search types of applications by type of alteration/modification, view entire resident ACC history, view or print an image of the original documents from our document manager database, ACC committee meeting minutes reports, generate the staff inspection report with the appropriate information to complete the inspection, track pending or outstanding inspections on approved applications until the completion of work,  tracking deposits (if applicable), and generate the check request to reimburse the deposit after the inspection of the work is approved.

Maintenance and Inventory Manager Database

The Maintenance and Inventory Manager Database was developed in 2009 and instituted a computerized preventative maintenance program that allows remote viewing for specific users such as access by committee chairpersons or board members. This database was designed to issue work orders and generate documents; control and track by calendar, by task, and by work order the special and routine maintenance events until completion; track maintenance employees associated with each work order or task; track contracts for equipment maintenance vendors; track insurance coverage for town center independent business and the independent instructors doing on-site training; track association insurance polices (includes start date, end date, and cost); maintain association equipment inventory by location (includes catalog number, quantity, brand, model, serial number, and date acquired); generate work order status reports; generate future work order schedule; generate other reports to facilitate monitoring, equipment inventory worksheet to use updates, etc.

Delinquency Tracking Database

The Delinquency Tracking Database was designed to aid the treasurer to track and manage all activity involving any properties falling into a delinquent status. The Delinquency Tracking Database captures information from the association’s property management accountant, the association attorney, county clerk of courts, outstanding amounts, notification letter track to ensure state statute compliance, attorney notifications and timing, lien information, bankruptcy information, foreclosure information, write off information, bank notifications, Code Enforcement notifications, lease terms and letters of agreement with tenant and landlord (property owner).

The treasurer personally maintains this sensitive database that sources basic information from the database manager, which is the primary source for all unit data.

These custom systems all work together to share information when appropriate to address several issues, for example, file storage space, retrieval speed, office efficiency, accuracy of data retention, easier access to review history, and others. IslandWalk has been able to develop these systems for a very small investment. It is clear why IslandWalk of Naples was chosen as a 2011 Trendsetter winner.