Trendsetter Award Winner: Vanderbilt Country Club

Vanderbilt Country Club formed a group called NeighborsHelping Neighbors. What is Neighbors Helping Neighbors? It is a volunteer groupof members whose purpose is to provide assurance, comfort, and support to theresidents of VCC who are in need of assistance. Part of the Neighbors HelpingNeighbors program is the loaning of medical assistance devices. What startedout as one person who had a cane they no longer needed has turned into a fullcatalog of loaner devices that the entire community has access to free ofcharge. The idea developed through word-of-mouth throughout the community andis utilized often. Their inventory of devices includes many different itemsthat people would normally have to purchase or rent when they fell ill or wereinjured. Now they know they just call an NHN volunteer within the community anda cane or even a wheelchair will be delivered to their doorstep free of charge.The Vanderbilt community grows closer and the bond stronger as they continue tohelp each other in times of need through small acts of kindness, such asloaning someone a walker, when they need it the most.