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Topical Articles

  Access Control/CCTV
  Air Conditioning
  Air Quality
  Aluminum Railing
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  Board Candidacy
  Sample Yearly CAM Calendar
  Condominium Maintenance
  Manager Checklist
  Admin Assistant Qualities
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  Management + Leadership = Training (series)
  Being a Board Member Tutorial
  The Manager's Job - An Inside Look
  An In-depth Look at Reserve Funds
  Communication - The Board, Managers, and Residents
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Florida Law

  Donna DiMaggio Berger, Esq.
  New Neighborhoods: Gary A. Poliakoff, J.D. and Ryan Poliakoff
  Florida Law: Michael J. Gelfand, Esq.
  2011 Legislative Summary
  The Community Advocacy Network
  CA Legislative Lobby
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  Monthly Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  Required Document Retention
  Invitation to Bid Sample Document
  Landscape - Request for Proposal
  Interview Questions for Board Members
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    Community Profiles

    Betsy Barbieux
Betsy Barbieux - An expert on boardmanship and board-manager relations.

    Community Gardener
Lynn Barber - Florida-friendly Landscaping Agent with Florida Yards & Neighborhoods

    Answers - Richard White
Richard White - Longtime Florida manager and syndicated columnist.

    Cam Resources


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